Solar Network in Q-shu (SONEQ)

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Background of the solar power industry

The Strategic Energy Plan of Japan (June 2010)

  • Targets for 2020
  • Double the energy self-sufficiency ratio in energy supply
  • Maintain and enhance energy efficiency in the industrial sector at the highest level in the world.

New Growth Strategy (June 2010)

  • Environment & Energy
  • Local revitalization

Kyushu Growth Strategy Action Plan (December 2010)

  • Green Kyushu Project
  • Kyushu Solar Cluster

Energy industry of solar power

Potential of solar power industry in Kyushu

  • High diffusion ratio of PV system for houses
  • 5 manufacturers in Kyushu
  • Reliability assessment base of the solar cell module (Tosu city, Saga Prefecture)

Kyushu’s high potential